About Me


Building a life around my passion for people and travel.

Born out of passion

I was born out of a passion for travel and connecting with people. Since age 8, I’ve been creating content with my obsession for finding a way to capture life and relive iconic moments. In the beginning I focused on photography only, but I found this didn’t capture the full range of emotions and holistically document the moments experienced. I then moved to video in 2010 as a primary means of documenting, and have been refining my skills since.

After my first taste of solo travel in 2016, I fell deeply in love with exploration and adventure. I was transfixed by the feeling of experiencing something for the first time. It took a few years for me to settle into a travel style that satisfies everything I’m trying to achieve. Now, I’ve settled into a niche of Adventure and Luxury. My main audience are 25 – 35 year olds from Australia, UK, US and greater Europe.

Now I’m travelling the world with my adventurous spark and passion for enhancing a deeper connections between brands and the community.

As I travels the world, she connects with local brands, as well as taking ongoing UGC deals with international brands. If you’re interested in collaborating, let’s talk.

Touching lives through untouched landscapes.


refers to a positive and enthusiastic approach to life, characterized by a sense of energy, excitement, and anticipation of enjoyable experiences.

Shaped from the inside out

I always knew I was built different. On the inside and the outside. Growing up with flaming red hair, I was constantly reminded of this with ongoing remarks from people. As I got older I learnt to embrace the difference and a lot of my identity comes from my red hair.

On the inside of my brain, I assumed I was much the same as everyone else. Now I’m older I realise I tick very differently. When given obstacles in my life, I approach them very different to the average person. People never know what to expect with me. I have an innate drive to live boldly, embrace every opportunity, and see the silver lining in everything. 

Aside from travel, I have a deep passion for people. I believe that every individual has a unique story to tell, and I strive to capture those stories through my content. Whether it’s through interviews with locals, or sharing my own personal experiences, I aim to showcase the diversity of our world and to celebrate the beauty of human connection.